Does Scar Camouflaging with Permanent Makeup Work?

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Published: 13th January 2011
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While many people seek permanent makeup for purely cosmetic reasons, there are others who require it for medical purposes. Often, accidents, surgeries, and illnesses leave a body damaged and the person feeling lost. Beyond plastic surgery to reset bones, muscles, and cartilage under the skin, there is a need to fix damage to the surface of the skin. Scar camouflaging with Amazing Faces is one technique that fills this need. It is a kind of makeup that is permanent and that can reduce the appearance of scar tissue. It can even make skin look smoother and more pliable. This cosmetic tattoo technique is amazing and does much to finalize what can be a long recovery process for the patient. Even better, scar camouflaging can be used on the simplest scars. A person can disguise an old scar from a fall off a bicycle to even the worst of burns. It is extremely helpful at blending the scar in with surrounding skin tissue and letting people get back to their lives without a daily reminder of the past.

Scar camouflaging is often a mix of techniques used over a few sessions to remove old scars and improve the texture of the skin. One of the most basic techniques involved is the cosmetic tattoo. While we often think of cosmetic makeup as drawing attention to an area of the body (such as with eyelash extensions, for example) this form of tattooing helps to camouflage and reintroduce pigment to the skin. First, the technician helps a client select a pigment that perfectly matches their normal skin tones. Most technicians can even mix up custom blends. They use traditional tattooing to apply the pigment to the scarred area over a couple of sessions until the scarred tissue looks exactly the same color as the surrounding skin. This permanent makeup helps reduce the appearance of scar tissue by changing its color and giving it the appearance of being smoother. It can even be used on the scalp to help give the appearance of hair in places where surgery has permanently interrupted growth. Other methods used in scar camouflage are microdermabrasion, dermabrasion, scar relaxation, and laser resurfacing. Before you have any of these techniques done, make sure the technician or doctor to whom you are going is well trained and certified in the technique.

When you are looking for a way to restore the appearance of the skin, a great option is to get permanent make with Amazing Faces in Chicago. Scar camouflage helps to restore pigmentation and the appearance of skin in just a few sessions. The results of these cosmetic tattoos are often amazing. Cosmetic tattoos can be used on almost any body part and on any size scar from an old cut to burn damage. When plastic surgery has done all it can to restore appearance, scar camouflage helps to finish the job. It is the same skin but with pigment restored and, depending on other techniques, smoother and more relaxed. There are many uses for cosmetic tattooing. This one is the most helpful to people who want to get back to the appearance they remember.

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